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Misadventures of a 1970's Childhood!

My Kindle/iPad book is here and it is ONLY $2.99!

“An Apple Core, a Toilet: Misadventures and Memories of a 1970s Childhood” revisits misadventures and fond memories relatable to millions of baby boomers, men and women alike. It includes 17 stories that include:

• An Apple Core, a Toilet — The story of a toilet clog that haunts my father still.

• Big Buddy Puppy Love — A 6th grade tale of romance and heartache.

• The Stereo Console — The old wooden console brought wonderful sounds and memories into our home.

• A Reckoning with Jerry Gray — Vengeance on the sled slopes was sweet.

• Left Behind — Sure, we left my little sister at the drive-in theater, but lots of families lost their kids in the ‘70s.

And many more!

Get the book here!

Needed: Handwritten Letters

When is the last time somebody mailed you a handwritten letter?

My Trials and Tribulations as the Only Boy Attending and All Girls School

I still wake in cold sweats thinking of my painful experience as the first boy at an all girls school. Review and comment on the article.

"Mancession" Opportunity

Ladies, a "mancession" is on. Don't let it go to waste!

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Say Your Prayers!

National Day of Prayer just passed -- and I forgot to pray.

But there are some good reasons to get better at prayer.

Take Your Middle-Aged Kid to Retirement Day

Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day should be expanded to include middle-aged people.

Here's why.

Why the Rich Aren't Feeling So Rich

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Cowboy Poetry

Daggone if Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid ain't plum wrong about federal-funded cowboy poetry.

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Shedding My David Cassidy Hair

In 1973, my sisters, regrettably, made me get my hair cut like David Cassidy.

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Metaphor Madness

Have metaphors ever driven anyone to actually shoot fish in a barrel?

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